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The Environmental Regulation Clinic aims to integrate environmental legal research with legal practice of the same field. The Clinic pays special notice to the connection between environmental problems and social justice issues, and also focuses on matters of comprehensive environmental policy.
The Clinic provides legal aid to organizations and communities which suffer from environmental problems. The legal aid includes representation in front of authorities, legal research with a practical orientation and court appearances. Additionally, the Clinic performes legal researches and writes legal opinions in service of various environmental organizations so they could be used to promote environmental issues.
In order to contact environmental organizations, the Clinic is assisted by "Life and Environment" - the Israeli union of environmental NGOs.


Responsible Academic Team

Prof. Oren Perez

Associate Professor, Bar Ilan University, Faculty of Law. PhD,  from London School Of Economics and Political Science. Prof. Perez established the Environmental Clinic in 2001. He is a member on the Maala Ranking Public Board (and the sub-committee of environment). Among his latest publications are: How Law Changes the Environmental Mind: An Experimental Study of the Effect of Legal Norms on Moral Perceptions and Civic Enforcement, Journal of Law and Society (2009) (with Yuval Feldman);

 Motivating Environmental Action in a Pluralistic Regulatory Environment: An Experimental Study of Framing, Crowding Out, and Institutional Effects in the Context of Recycling Policies 46 Law & Society Review 405 (with Yuval Feldman); Whose Administrative Law is it Anyway? How Global Norms Reshape the Administrative State (with Daphne Barak-Erez) - Cornell International Law Journal.(2013). See, further: http://ssrn.com/author=327866. Prof. Perez Blog on 'Regulatory Paradoxes' is at: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/oren-perez 

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Adv. Yotam Shlomo


 The Clinic's director since 2013. Hold LLB from the Hebrew University and LLM with sustainable development specialty from the University of Melbourne. Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009.



Address: Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan 5920002
Phone: +972-3-5318814
Email: environmental.law@biu.ac.il