Parliamentary work with the Kneset member Dov Hanin

Project Topic: 
Knesset and legislation
Academic Year: 
The Team: 
Merav Brookner, Dana Laronne, Yael Lichtenstein
More Info: 
The first aspect of our work for Dov Hanin is answering the public's inquiries regarding the many environmental issues that Dov Hanin promotes. We either provide legal information or we turn to the relevant ministers and authorities in order to get information and on the subject. Another important aspect of our work is formulating and promoting bills. Formulating a bill requires us to research the current legal status of the matter, the ability to change it and how to execute the change. We visit the chamber quite often in order to get involved in what's happening and to participate in the relevant committees in the Knesset. In addition, we are also involved in promoting special days in the Knesset regarding the environment.