Mock trial

Project Topic: 
Air polution, Soil pollution and Water pollution
Academic Year: 
The Team: 
Shir Bar-Gil, Adi Kofman, Kobi Laxer, Nitzan Shindler
More Info: 
We represent the prosecution team in the staged trial to be held on May 14, 2012. The Prosecutors are members of Kibbutz Admatha, located in the southern Negev. In 1975 missiles factory was established near the Kibbutz. The factory is a department of the Ministry of Defense. For years the plant had contaminated the land of the kibbutz and its vicinity. The contamination seeped to the Kibbutz main water wells. The.Prosecution divides in to two parts: a. Land rehabilitation claim for pollution generated. .b. Tort claim compensation for members who was exposed to a serious health risk as a result of drinking contaminated water.